Monday, March 31, 2008

New Features Coming

I plan to have my "Where to Find SF Reviews" page up this week. Keep those suggestions coming for sites I can add. Thanks for those that have helped already.

I just set up a Live Journal account. It's ann_wilkes, if you're in that blogosphere. This one will continue to be my main blog, but now I can comment on LJ blogs, too.

If anyone remembers the whole sad story of my pirated story, "Immunity Project," (see the post of that name, Dec 07) or even if you don't, I have more news regarding that story. I'm waiting to hear back from a magazine that accepts reprints. If they accept it, you'll get to read it there. If they don't, I'm going to post it here as a serial. Just a little something for my lovely readers. Everyone likes a freebee, right? Failing that, I'll throw "Marfina" up for your reading pleasure. Especially my friends in Chelan, WA. A feature story about yours truly will be in the Chelan Mirror soon. Perhaps they can coincide. "Marfina" is set in Chelan.

I spent half my day researching markets. I did manage to rewrite my story "The Heist"--that story that wanted to be suspenseful AND funny. After receiving a "Dear Jane" on Saturday, all doubt was removed that I took it in the wrong direction. I rewrote it as a funny flash. I'm sure it will fare better now. Fingers crossed. I sent it off today.

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