Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reading and Writing

I had a signing at a comic book store that was not well attended, but a reading at a pub that was. Was it the beer? More likely, it was the featured reader, Luke Warm Water. My reading of "Jolaneering", however, was well received.

I had someone contact me on MySpace the other day. Sure looked like my niece from Texas I haven't seen in years. It was! And she was reading my book and is a young writer herself. What a kick!

The job hunting is going, well, it's going... I did have an interview last week. Even found some part time jobs with benefits! Imagine that! Do you know how stupid I feel when the job requirements say "must have BA" or "must have AA". Shoulda, coulda, woulda. I can do a lot of those jobs with one hand tied behind my back, but they'll never let me try without that piece of paper. Hmmmm. Go to college!

My smoke alarm story is coming along. We actually had a little break from the smoke for a couple of days. It was back today, but not as bad as it's been. Truly CA has been burning! But I was talking about the story. I have the character development and the setting. No plot, no story. I have to decide what that smoke alarm really is, that's attracting all these strange people to my protag's door. It's alien. I can't do mind control device. I've already done that in the Lavratt. I'm toying with...no, I can't tell you...you'll have to wait.

The bull riding story (no, not space bulls, this is not a spec-fic piece) is regrouping. I kept trying to bring in elements from my novel even though the point was to take this character out to play with him in a different setting. It's back to the "batting it back and forth with my muse" stage. I still have some great bull riding scenes and character development, but everything else is subject to change. >sigh<

It's a lot easier than it used to be. Just starting out, I couldn't bare to delete a paragraph for fear I could never come up with that "good writing" again. Now, I can delete pages or even start completely from scratch again without too much pain.

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