Saturday, January 24, 2009

Robots, AIs and mind control

I attended the robot exhibit opening at the Sonoma County Museum on Friday night. Amazing sculptures! Most were made from "found metal objects". Tea pot spouts became robot noses, clocks and radio cabinets became torsos. A very tall robot had moving arms and wore laser guns on its hips. Downstairs they have robot toys from days gone by. Mostly of Robbie the Robot. It was nice to see a photo montage and banner from the Technology High School Robotics club there since my son has been a member.

The exhibit will continue until April 3rd. Here's the website for more information.

Sticking with the robot theme, check out this robot that shoots webs like Spiderman to catch bad guys.

Here's more robot lover resources:
San Francisco Robotics Society of America
The Tech Museum: Robotics in San Jose
JPL Robotics
Robots Podcast and Community

Now, AIs and mind control? Where do we look for that?
If you're local, and read this in time, you'll trot on over to Borders on Santa Rosa Ave. in Santa Rosa at 3PM on Sunday, Jan. 25, for my launch of Awesome Lavratt.

If you can't make it, you can always order Awesome Lavratt online.

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