Friday, January 16, 2009

SF news, new gigs, new frustrations and bad omens

Received two invitations today. I'll be reading from Awesome Lavratt this Sunday at Coffee Catz in Sebastopol. I'll also be a presenter at a writing conference in October put on by Redwood Writers.

I had intended to upload at least a portion of the interview on KRCB to my website. I either don't have the right software to make it happen or I don't know enough about them to make it happen. I'll have to do some serious digging for the answer - unless there's someone out there that can help? I have the whole interview on CD and on my computer but the whole thing is 50 mb. I have garage band but don't even know how to import it or if I can. Ugh!

SciFi wire has a piece on the Stargate Universe cast.

There's a fun article at I09 about crazy or cruddy jobs held by SF authors. It reminded me of how blessed I am. It was my SF writing that helped land my day job, which is also writing. So I'm paying the bills with my writing while I establish myself as a novelist. It cuts into my fiction writing time but keeps my skills sharp and the financial pressure away.

Today at work one of the other staff writers suggested I write a sf novel about the payments industry. And the other writer interviewed a guy today who rode orcas at SeaWorld before he got into payments. I wonder if he considered writing sf first?

And who else is going to die? Celebrity deaths always seem to come in threes. We have Patrick McGoohan from The Prisoner and Ricardo Montalban both this week.

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