Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Science Fiction, blues and my current hated word

I found this today on DeliCast, the site I get my blues fix from: AmericaFree_SciFi

And if you like rockin' blues, try 1Club.FM Bar Rockin Blues

Industry jargon drives me crazy. Every industry has it. Most people reading this know what I mean when I say that the ET went EVA to fix the hyperdrive because you read SF.

There's a three letter word that everyone seems to want to use in every industry. Now, I don't mind if they're going to use it to indicate a small metal object that opens locks. Or even as a verb for when I enter something on a keyboard or touch pad. But please, please, please, quit telling me that everything needful, crucial, essential, necessary, integral, etc, is KEY!!! I watched BBC World News America and they used it three times in 30 minutes!

Next week, for your edification, entertainment, enlightenment and enticement... I will be bringing you an interview with one of my fellow spec fic authors. Feel free to mosey over to Paula Stiles' website for a peek at the treat you'll be in for. When she posted to a group we were on together how many stories she had making the rounds, I had to have her tell you all about her writing experience. Look for it next Tuesday. She'll be guest blogging over on my LJ blog at the same time.

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