Sunday, March 29, 2009

SF writing odds and ends

No interview this week, although I do have some in the hopper -- or is that hoper? I have two authors that have agreed and many more I'd like to interview.

Here are anthology calls for submissions for my fellow spec-fic writers from an editor at the LJ group, sfandf_writers.

Check out Crossed Genres magazine on April Fools for some foolin' around. It's Crossed Genres' humor issue which will include an article by Piers Anthony!

I managed to write 1800 words on the Awesome Lavratt sequel...yes still untitled...this weekend. I also managed to get past the halfway point with reading Neal Stephenson's Anathem. Now wouldn't that be a good interview... hmmmmmm....

A friend commented (that's you Ana!) on one of my book entries at Goodreads. She started an avalanche. I piled on a ton of books I've read over the years that were my favorites. I'm up to almost 100 on my "read" shelf. If you'd like to peruse, there's a link on the right.

My review of Tahoe: Avalanche by Todd Berg is up over at Mostly Fiction. Yes, I know, it's not SF. But it was set in Tahoe! And had rescue dogs and quirky people.


E.S. Wynn said...

Very Cool!

I love Neal Stephenson! He's definitely one of my favorite authors! I love the intellectual complexity of his work, it's really something else!

Ann Wilkes said...

I'll see what I can do. :0)