Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Social Networking and the March Hare

What could be cooler? I was asked to do research on Facebook and LinkedIn for work, so I got to play on my sites at work last week. Of course this coincided with Facebook changing it's look. In addition to giving FB feedback on their blog and joining all the "I hate the new Facebook" groups that came to my attention, I gave my MySpace page a facelift. It actually looks like it might be a SF writer's page now.

I also found a group on Facebook that is for people that like to coin words. I've course I joined and told them about "procrastinatable".

I just got a library gig arranged, but for setting the date. I'll be giving a talk on "What Ifs". Still need to come up with a catchy title and proper description. Suggestions welcome.

I've been thinking about my seven foot lizard, Darantz, in my Awesome Lavratt sequel. I have to give him a well-rounded personality and a past. So this week, instead of world building, I'm character building. Do think character building will build character. Couldn't resist that one.

The last Odd Month Reading was a smashing success. We had 13 readers! That's a record, aside from the Vintage Voices book launches. The Odd Month Reading series is a reading series I established through Redwood Writers. Here's some pics from the event. Mind you the March event is always referred to as The March Hare's Literary Tea.

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