Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally Friday sf/f film fun

In case you haven't seen them yet...

Here are more sci-fi odds and ends to kick off your possibly geeky weekend. ;)

Geekscape: The Best Doctor Who Moments of 2011

Phoenix Pick’s free ebook for January 2012 is Charles Sheffield’s collection “Georgia on my Mind.” Use coupon code 9991325 through Jan 31 at

Please note that a novelette with the same title has been offered as a
free download before. However this time the complete collection will be
available for a free download (including the Hugo and Nebula winning
novelette, “Georgia on my Mind.”

A collection of some of the finest short stories penned by a master of
hard science fiction, this anthology includes Charles Sheffield’s highly
acclaimed novelette, Georgia On My Mind.

Georgia On My Mind won both the Hugo and Nebula when originally published
in 1993. The accompanying stories were written by the author between 1987
and 1994.

Cemetery Dance just released a 25th Anniversary edition of Stephen King's IT. Learn more at Cemetery Dance.

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