Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Great Resources for Published Authors

I hate to just link and run, usually, but this was such a terrific find that I had to share. Enter the Octopus is the blog of Matt Stagg's , who is a publicist for the arts.

I especially enjoyed this post: Long Live the New Flesh: the internet, tribalism and book publicity.

I found him when I was going through my backlog of some 30 "Science Fiction Book Review" google alerts.

Just a reminder and to any new readers, visit my site for book reviews and where to find a reviewer: Ann Wilkes' Science Fiction Reviews List.

Shall I give you one more? Can you take it? There was great stuff over at Contrary Brin. When he puts together one of his link lists is mostly fascinating stuff to do with science and science fiction. And if you haven't read his books, you're really missing out. He's one of my all time faves. Especially the Uplift War series and Practice Effect.


entertheoctopus said...

Thank you most kindly for the link!

Ann Wilkes said...

No problem. In fact, I had to go and add a writers resources blogroll just to blog roll you. Your site is awesome. Can you plug my Reviews List page. I'm going to be adding about 12 more sites tomorrow. And I'll clear out the bad ones.

Ashton said...

Awesome blog. :) The links should really help me and my friends out. Thanks! *hugs*