Flash Fiction

Fiction you can read in a flash

"Last Call" by Dan Pietrasik, SFOO Mirror Ball challenge winner
"Mirror Images" by Ann Wilkes, SFOO Mirror Ball challenge story
"Raining Good Intentions" by Ann Wilkes, SFOO Freaky Weather challenge story
"U Minus 90" by Ann Wilkes
"Careless Wishes" by D.E. Helbling, SFOO Freaky Weather: Flash It! winner
"Absorbed" by Nicole Krueger, SFOO Attack of the Killer Blob contest winner
Flash Fiction by Ann Wilkes at Every Day Fiction:
"The Curse of Having Been a Man"
"Grey Drive"
"The Heist" (also in their 2008 best antho.)
"Your Smiling Face"
"Your Smiling Face" - Pasadena style

"Marfina" by Ann Wilkes - technically not flash, and technically not autobiographical, but almost on both counts ;)