Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a shout - Story sale!

I just heard from Beyond Centauri. They're publishing "For Chance to Dream" in their July issue. It's a SF/F (and ewww gross) print magazine for 9-18 year-olds. This is my first sale to a print magazine and also my first sale to a publication for this age group. Woo hoo!

I'll post a run-down on OryCon when I've recovered from same. Just had to get my victory dance in. :)


Juliette Wade said...

Cool, Ann! Congratulations. And also, I hope you're looking forward to a very happy Thanksgiving with your new grandchild included.

RHFay said...


That first print sale is always something special. It's a nice feeling to actually hold the magazine in your hands and see your work in print.