Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Networking Junkie

It's official. I'm a networking junkie. I'm thinking that should be my tag line for my speaking profile. The one I still need to write... I'm in about 8 LinkedIn groups alone. That's in addition to the Yahoo groups, Face Book, My Space and a number of published author online groups. And Broad Universe. I've probably missed ten or so, still.

I've cut way back on volunteering, but the networking is now getting extreme. But I love it! I enjoy meeting people and sharing ideas and tips.

This Ain't No Rodeo is now available. My story, "Bullheaded" is in its pages. 75 percent of the proceeds go towards the Resistol Relief Fund for injured bull riders and their families.

Two story rejections arrived in the last two weeks. I should be getting an acceptance soon, then right?

I finished Lord Tophet by Gregory Frost and have started on the review. It will be at Mostly Fiction eventually. Meantime, I'll just say - AWESOME! Can he ever weave a story within a story and turn a world inside out -- or in this case -- upside down. :)

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RHFay said...

Networking Jumkie - I can relate to that.

A while ago I actually had to cut back on some of the on-line networks and forums I was associated with. It just got too much to handle. I spent more time posting than I did writing or drawing!

I still spend quite a bit of time promoting my work on-line, but I try to concentrate on the networks and forums that seem to get the most attention. And if I get embroiled in some of the nastiness prevelant on-line, I try to walk away (eventually). Unfortunately, I have been involved in a few "flame wars" in the past, but I'm slowly learning to keep the emotions in check.

Still, some sites can be minefields if you're not careful.