Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The con that wasn't

Well, I missed Radcon. My dear hubby ended up having emergency surgery the day we were to leave. He's recovering well. It was his heart - very scary. If you ever go to the doc with chest pains make sure they do the stress test (treadmill). Everything showed normal till that. We had a nice low-cholesterol dinner on Valentines Day of Buffalo burgers, salad and purple potatoes. And pear sparkling cider. I'm learning how to cook all over again.

So, in lieu of my Radcon report, I will point you to that of their illustrious writer guest of honor, whom I will now have to interview via email instead. I am speaking of Alma Alexander, a sweet lady who I was hoping to get to know better while there. Here's her Radcon Redux.

I'm sending off that crazy smoke alarm story to a literary journal. They don't prohibit SF and they need flash. Purple-eyed, small, hairy people all harassing one poor schmuck. What's not to love?

The story which begins with a true historic WA tragedy is still lacking half a scene and thorough rewrite. I had intended to read a portion of it at the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. I might have had listeners that knew of the tragic Chelan, WA bus accident of 1945.

I'm going to aim high with this one. Pro markets baby.

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