Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sci-Fi movies and flash contest

Hubby's doing better. We made the most of his Bday yesterday. It's really tough having all those dietary restrictions. Bah humbug. But it sure beats the alternative... A friend of ours died Friday night of a heart attack. That could have been my Pat.

We headed in to Blockbuster last night to rent some movies. Is it any surprise they were mostly SF? Some that I haven't seen, too. :)

I give up EVER trying to watch a SF channel movie again. The writing is abysmal. I've always said I could do better, but now I don't think I want to shoot for a SF channel movie. I'm gonna focus on the big screen where writing counts for something, the science makes sense, people act like, well...people and there isn't always an estranged spouse getting thrust together with their ex to solve an alien problem or avert or cope with a disaster. Actually, that has happened on the big screen, too, come to think of it.

I have a contest for you writers out there. It's not necessarily SF, but it's FLASH! I love flash. I just sent a flash piece off last week. For those who don't know, flash is a story of usually under 1000 words. This one calls for under 750. There are some out there that are 500. I haven't been able to do the shorter ones, but have had two under 1K word stories published over at Every Day Fiction. That's all they do.

Here's the contest info, shared with permission:

Writer Advice's Fourth Annual Flash Prose Contest

Writer Advice's Fourth Annual Flash Prose Contest seeks flash fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction that mesmerizes the reader in 750 words or less. DEADLINE: April 15, 2009. Entry fee: $10 per submission. First prize: $150. Last year's prizewinners will judge. Complete guidelines, mailing address, and prizes at

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