Friday, February 27, 2009

SF Movies

Well, the SF movies were a bust! We rented 7 movies, 6 of them SF. A couple of them could win some utterly horrible, painfully bad cinema award. One was a Japanese, post-apocalyptic flick with this teenage girl whose whining made us climb the walls. We only got through 10 minutes of it. Then my husband started fast forwarding to see if it got any better. It just got weirder. The acting didn't improve, nor did the script. Nor did her whining. It was called Dragonhead.

I watched After in its entirety and seriously regret it. Why didn't I just turn the thing off? It wasn't so much that I needed to see what happened or that I hoped it would get better. It was more like morbid curiosity at something that bad getting to the big screen. There was absolutely no point to the thing. The whole movie transpires inside his own after life experience.

Alien Agent was another one we gave up on. A lot of fighting. Very thin on plot.

After trying to watch two in a row that were a bust, we switched to a recorded episode of House rather than brave the last one, Ghost of Mars. Being a John Carpenter flick, we figured there'd be lots of blood and horror rather than true SF.

The best movie we watched was one we'd seen many years before - long enough ago that we couldn't remember everything that was going to happen. Delicious! It's a fave. The Thirteenth Floor. If you like virtual reality stuff, it's a must!

And believe it or not we hadn't seen the Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. That was a winner.

The non-SF movie was Lakeview Terrace. I recommend it.

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