Saturday, March 7, 2009

Buried in books and emails, but looking forward to conventions

Just thought I'd share. These are my "to be read" stacks. I had to move the bookcase that they were on for the carpet cleaners, so I took the opportunity to make a photographic record of how far behind I am on my reading. And I'm reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson right now for Mostly Fiction. I also have The Owl in Daylight about Phillip K. Dick written by his widow on its way for review.

Then there's the emails. I decide something had to be done when my inbox had 3K messages. Not to mention my other email account that has 300 and all the subfolders of each. So my "junk" email account - the one I use for my Yahoo groups, promotional emails and online shopping - is now down to around 150. I've exited two heavy traffic yahoo groups and changed the prefs on a couple others. Maybe that will help.

Now that I have "cleared off my desk" so to speak, I must go finish my fantasy story that I promised myself I would finish this weekend. It's really close - like 96% done.

Oh, and did you know that the World Fantasy Convention is in San Jose this year? Woohoo! I can finally go! I keep hearing that this is the convention for spec-fic writers. But first there's BayCon and SpoCon. I have SW airlines credit left from the RadCon that wasnt (for me, anyway).

Off to my story now. The ending beckons. Can't leave my characters hangin' - or swimming, as the case may be.

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