Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy, busy, busy - but still have some SF news

Have you heard that the series "V" is being trotted out again? This time with Morena Baccarin as Diana, the leader of the alien race that is here to "help" us. Not! Read more here and here.

Ursula K. Le Guin turned 80 this week. Happy Birthday!

This contest gives a whole new meaning to "forward thinking". Science Fiction and Fantasy held it in 1980 asking for predictions of which SF concept would be realized by the year 2010. Read more at Locus. The winner receives $2010.

I'm preparing for my presentation, "Developing your online presence" at the 2009 Redwood Writers Conference on Saturday. This subject is inexhaustible. Everyday I learn more. The trick is to pull out the best bits for the one hour I'm given.

I just searched on Facebook for: Science Fiction Readers. I wanted to find them on Facebook. I have almost 700 "friends," but they're mostly other writers. The scary thing is that three groups popped up. Yup. Just 3. And they had less than 20 members between them. Where are these SF readers?

Are media SF fans more inclined to network than those who read SF books? Interesting question....

World Fantasy Convention follows the next weekend. This will be my first WFC. I couldn't miss this one as it's so close I don't have to spring for airfare.

Someone rated my blog over on blog catalog >waves and blows kisses to spearcarrier<. I think that's my first rating outside of Networked Blogs. It's a glowing review. I must find others to tell the world what a great blog this is. >wink, wink, nudge, nudge< There are lots of lovely buttons at the right you can click on to vote me up or follow to rate me.

On Friday, I'll be posting an interview with Jennifer Brozek. She writes for RPGs and dark spec fic. She's also the editor for a number of anthologies. Don't miss it.

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David Scholes said...

Happy Birthday to Ursula!

I have enjoyed her work for many years.

I even decided, quite recently, that it was time for me to give something back to the genre:


Ann Wilkes said...

Love the cover, David! Wishing you hearty sales. :)