Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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When my kids were little they had these little books with companion cassette tapes. One of them, oh that I could forget it, was called Casie's Shapes to Share. I don't even know if the voice was supposed to be male or female. I do remember it was annoyingly high-pitched with the evilest of lilts to it. That particular tape had an "accident". We just couldn't take it any more!

Much later, I took an online course at the local junior college. It was great. I never had to set foot on the campus. The school provided (or perhaps sold?) a VHS tape of the lectures. I've never met the teacher, but so help me, I think she's Casie! I couldn't watch it!

And then came Pokemon's Pikachu! That was courtesy of our Godsons.

Now, because it's the month for all things frightful, listen to these robots sing, if you dare, courtesy i09.

By the way, if you get an email telling you that there's been a suspicious transaction via paypal in your name, click here to cancel, DON'T CLICK IT! It's the latest scam. And no, I didn't click it. I know better.

Happy Mad Hatter Day - yesterday. As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. And no one invited me to tea. I would have worn my March Hare hat to be sure.

Read here for literary torture methods: How you can really help an author out.

Retrieved from the mailbox just before I departed for Silicon last Friday was Terry Pratchett's new book, Unseen Academicals. I almost brought it with me. I just finished Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next: First Among Sequels today, so I'll have a nice bit of silliness to read in tandem with In the Courts of the Sun. Of course, that's if you don't count Grants Pass. But that's almost done. Review to follow shortly. Having to sit up at the computer to read the pdf version makes for slower going.

Only two more days of work and then I'm all about the novel, Under the Suns of Sarshan - my novel. I'm determined to finish it next week during my vacation. And I might actually slip out to some writing events and get Awesome Lavratt placed in a few bookstores. I'll also have to polish up my presentation for the writers conference on the 24th and try to get my radio interview into podcast form for my website and a new feature for Broad Universe. Definitely a working vacation.

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