Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SF tidbits and title timing

Well, I was going to share a YouTube video of outtakes from the latest Star Trek movie, but it seems to have poofed. Imagine punchy cast stumbling, cursing and dancing. So there, it was just like being there, right?

FastForward gets a whole season. Now that's impressive, and a rarity these days. Read more at Entertainment Weekly. Woohoo Rob (Sawyer)!

I've been off work this week to concentrate on my fiction. I'm rereading a book I started in 2004, in preparation for rewriting the last chapters. I put it away for a year because I was sick to death of it. Yesterday I thought it was crap. Today I'm thinking it's great. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

World Fantasy Convention
is just over a fortnight away. Hopefully, my copies of Awesome Lavratt will arrive in time. This printer is supposed to be better than the last. Can't wait to see them.

I received another book for review today. This time science, without the fiction. Friday will bring an interview with Fred Wiehe, horror and dark fiction writer. Sneak a peek at his Website while you wait.

My friend, Alma Alexander (interview listed on the right), posted this great New Yorker article on Facebook. It's a spoof on publishers' promotions departments. I loved it. http://www.newyorker.com/humor/2009/10/19/091019sh_shouts_weiner

This being my vacation, I'm determined to have a little fun in the evening at least. Screenwriter's club Wednesday. Pool and bluegrass (wish it was blues) on Thursday and I'll have to catch a SF movie on Friday. And the local arts center across the creek from us is showing old movies on the big screen for $6/ticket. And the big splurge for the budget conscious? George Thorogood's new CD, The Dirty Dozen.

Why must we slaughter perfectly good words by using them to death? When I titled my book Awesome Lavratt, I really did mean awesome, as in this mind control device is scary powerful. Now, people are throwing "awesome" in every other sentence.

I overuse words myself. We all do. I think I'm just the victim of bad timing. Awesome Lavratt doesn't have the punch it would have before that word became the new "cool".

I named my first son Wesley because I liked the name and we had two ancestors by the name. I knew no one alive with it. Then they all came out of the woodwork. So much for his name being unique. Although, he probably prefers it that way.

So, if I only see one SF movie at the theater this week, which one should I see?

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