Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cloudy days and dog day afternoons

Things are quiet on the writing front and I have been too busy to troll for SF news.

I got the weekly email from The Red Room wanting me to blog on their featured topic. This one was share your most embarrassing photo from high school and blog about it. Why on Earth would I want to go and do a fool thing like that? I mean, really?

But I thought you might enjoy this picture my hubby took. He posted it on Facebook with the caption, 'alien space ship or just a cloud?' Kind of spooky, huh?

And here's hubby (Patrick Wilkes, btw) with our dog, Alegro, a couple weekends ago up on a hill near where we live. They call it a mountain. Having lived near the cascades, I call it a hill.

Obviously this one was taken by my husband with the actual camera, as opposed to my camera phone.

I haven't once blogged on The Red Room's featured topics. I would just as soon blog about, oh, I don't know, WRITING? Or my genre. Not about my favorite this or that or special memory or whatever. I guess if I ever became famous, people might be interested in all that. Maybe. But then I wouldn't have to blog on five different sites any more!

I write all day on weekdays, some weeknight evenings and weekends. Red Room will just have to wait.

Speaking of which, I'm half-way through with the next Awesome Lavratt tale. Horace and the Askaran (big lizard guy from chapter 1) are back. I've been posting teasers on Facebook. Horace just got lizard puke in the face. I love torturing poor Horace.

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Kaz Augustin said...

You too, Ann! I read that Red Room topic about a most embarrassing high school photo and wondered if the editorial gang there had finally lost it! Good grief, I have enough things now to be embarrassed about, that I try to keep contained, without needing to dig into my "big hair" past. LOL

And those people who are intensely interested in that kind of minutiae? Some of 'em turn into stalkers, know what I mean? ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nice dog! And I wouldn't post an old photo of me, either.