Thursday, June 17, 2010

More of The IT Crowd - indulge me!

An update in the ongoing pirated blog saga. I did get the site to remove my articles. I also managed to get them to remove their list of "contributors". I guess they didn't like the fact that I was using it against them. :) I continued to contact other bloggers in that list to let them know they were being pirated.

On that same note, here's a good article on pirated books both in print and on Kindle written by Meredith Greene at Sacramento Book Review.

Now the fun stuff. If you haven't figured it out yet from previous posts or facebook comments, I LOVE The IT Crowd. It's a British sitcom that is being rerun on IFC. I mentioned this in a previous post. Since then, I discovered that a new season (or series as they say across the pond) will be airing beginning this month. The last one ended in December '08. They do things a bit differently, obviously. The bad news is that it's airing on their channel 4, not ours. The good news is that you can watch episodes online.

And here are more teasers to get you hooked.

If you watch this one first, the second one will be even funnier.

Here is Moss dealing with an office fire.

What happens when you use the wrong loo.

You can start watching series one on IFC on Saturdays and catch up. Then go online after series 3 for the new season on channel 4.

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