Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Minister of Chance giveaway! Three people will win!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. I have some presents for you. Call them Christmas presents, Hanukah presents, Solstice goodies, whatever you want, but have at them and enjoy a beautiful weekend!

First, to get you in the mood, is the Hobbit trailer, in case you haven't seen it yet.

Let's have a couple more, shall we?

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer [VO-HD] by Eklecty-City

And Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is playing this weekend!

My fabulously talented friend, Camille Picott, is giving away here short story "Warming Demon". Her Raggedy Chan was reviewed here by Lyda Morehouse. Camille's writing is an exquisite blend of fantasy and fairy tale that puts a face on cultural persecution for young readers. Keep checking back for a review of her next novel: Nine-tail Fox right here.

I'm bloody balmy about the The Minister of Chance. Check out my full review of episode one. Episode two is every bit as awesome.

Listen to the prologue of The Minister of Chance below and leave a comment describing the princess' first observation of the Ambassador. What did she expect him to have? The first person to do so wins the first two episodes.

The first person (and this has to be someone other than the first and third winner) to tell me the ambassador's name will also win the first two episodes.

Finally, name the actor who plays the king (and be someone other than the first two winners) to win the first two episodes as well.

Come on people. I want episode three, so listen, like them on facebook, tweet them and tell all your friends. They make great Christmas presents for those who have waited too long to mail something in time. You just send them the code in an email. How easy is that?


E.B. WILKES said...

I really like this a lot. I think it will be a big success with outstanding Reviews!

E.B. WILKES said...

The little girl said upon meeting the ambassador that she thought he'd have two faces that he only has one.
The ambassador asked...What did she say and the High-ness brushed it off with the answer of it is just superstition. The ambassador projected that he came in peace yet threatened a plague. Now to me...he is the two-faced one that was expected. This sounds like what the Europeans did to the Native People in what is now called America. History will always repeat itself in one way or another. This is what makes it such a worthy movie to watch.We all must be aware of two-faced people especially the people in Government.

Ann Wilkes said...

Congratulations, E.B. Wilkes! Your prize will go out today.

Just a note to my readership: E.B. and I are in no way related, in spite of having the same last name.

Still two more prizes to giveaway! They won't last long.

Pauline said...


Fun! Have you visited old time radio? they have a bunch of old time sf shows. I got some CDs with several shows. pretty funny stuff.

Ann Wilkes said...

Pauline, that's the actor's name. Look on the cast page to find his character name. I added a link to their website.

Do you have a link for Old Time Radio? Thanks!