Friday, June 8, 2012

We will miss you, Ray Bradbury!

As all of you no doubt know by now, Ray Bradbury died on Tuesday night, June 5th at 91. I would like to share some tributes with you. He was so influential in the world of science fiction and beyond.

Because it's my blog, I'm going to start with one of my own. I wrote him a flash fiction story for his 90th birthday. Read U Minus 90 now.

And here's a statement from another very influential science fiction writer who has the honor of being the only author to be interviewed here twice - Robert Sawyer.

Award-winning author (Hugo and Nebula) Robert J. Sawyer put out this statement about Ray Bradbury's death: "Ray Bradbury firmly introduced America to the notion of extraterrestrial life. That aliens appeared in the pages of THE SATURDAY EVENING POST excited the public's imagination in a way stories relegated to the scifi pulp magazines never could. Without Bradbury, there'd be no public appetite for SETI."

Sawyer will join scientists, writers, artists and sci-fi stars at SETIcon II, hosted by the SETI Institute. The Institute is known for its science-based search for evidence of life on distant worlds in its broad spectrum of astrobiology research. SETIcon will take place June 22 through 24 in the heart of the Silicon Valley at the Hyatt Santa Clara.

For more information about SETIcon go to

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Here's the June Phoenix Pix:

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Review Blurbs:

"An imaginative thriller."—Publishers Weekly
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