Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Minister Makes the Shortlist!

Gonna start by tooting my horn. Ownership has its privileges. It IS my blog after all. I just had a rewrite request. Mind you, I happened to have only ONE story out there circulating and this was the first place I submitted it. :) There's an ego boost! Those are great stats. Imagine what I could accomplish if I got off my lazy butt and sent the rest of the stories out and churned out more.

Graphic by Radio Static/Lee Sullivan

Just got an email this week from my favorite folks at my favorite sci-fi audio drama. The Minister of Chance has been shortlisted for Best Online Only Audio Drama in the BBC Audio Drama Awards and episode four is in the editing stage. 

This month's free e-book from Phoenix Picks is Paul Cook's The Aljeandra Variation.

The coupon code for January (good through January 31) is 9991465. Enter it at on their catalog page.

About the book:  Nicholas Tehada is a dreamer having his dreams harvested by Mnemos Nine—a computer used in a top-secret government project. But where do the dreams end and reality begin? And what is the ultimategoal of Project Foresee?

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