Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wanted - An LA movie reviewer

I'm going to try this again. I have been invited to so many lovely movie screenings I can't go to because they're in Hollywood, and I'm in the North Bay. My awesome little cousin is down there, but always has class schedule conflicts. How dare she go off and get an education! ;)

It's an easy job. You just show up, watch the screening, sometimes there's a meet the director or QandA. Then take notes like mad immediately afterward while it's all fresh (or during for the non-movie portions) and then write up a review of why you thought the movie was good or bad and highlight the good, the bad and the perplexing. Then send it to me before the movie premiere's. I edit it for the blog. I can't pay at the moment, but you DO get to see awesome movies before all your friends do. So, there are bragging rights.

The last screening I have been invited to is Room 237, which comes out in March. It's a doco about the many layers within Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. And I had to pass this one up Holy Motors last Fall.

If you live near Hollywood and are interested, email me with a movie review of something you've seen recently, then we'll talk. My email is kawilkes at gmail dot com.


I've been designing new business cards. Next will be a facelift for the website and this blog. Here are my two designs. I'm leaning toward the blue one, but my peeps on facebook are pretty evenly divided. Which background looks better? Speaks more to my writing?

That second one might be a good background for my blog banner, eh?

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Howard Sherman said...

I'm tempted to move back to LA to take you up on your offer! My vote is for the bottom graphic. The top one looks almost spooky. The bottom one opens the mind to so many possibilities.