Monday, January 7, 2008

Where I Usually Write??

I have a reporter coming over to do a feature for the local paper. He said he'd like to get a photo of me where I do my writing. I do it everywhere! My husband accused me of having a compulsion to write (why thank you! :) ) when I was writing a scene for my newest story on the back of a Mapquest printout I found in the car. He was helping his Mom at the airport and I waited in the car offsite since it was going to be a while. Yeah. I'm a tightwad. I parked in a hotel parking lot, waiting for his call. This was after circling like a vulture three times.

I hate being stuck waiting somewhere without something I'm working on or something to read. And sometimes those are the BEST times to write because you can't possibly do anything else. Getting the oil changed, the tires rotated or sitting in the doctor's office waiting room. That is if they don't have a TV you can't turn off or escape from. I remember reading an article in Poets & Writers about writing in bed. I've done that, too. I write while walking the dog--at least mentally. I write in my sleep. I love it when I wake up with a great story. :)

Of course, the writing can begin on a napkin, the back of a receipt or a legal pad, but it eventually has to go into the computer. What did we ever do without copy, paste, find and replace?

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Edward Ott said...

Your reason for writing science fiction is the same as mine. i have to. I have a few stories on my blog if you want to read them.