Friday, February 8, 2008

My Mug Shot

Here's my mug shot for the book, for better or worse. I'm standing in a vineyard, overlooking the rival wine country (Napa) resort. This is my relaxed, vacation face. :)

I'm still playing catch-up with my back issues of Asimov. I went back to the November and December issues to read the first two parts of a serialized piece by Allen M. Steele, set in his Coyote universe.

I'm enjoying it so far. In fact I think I'll finish it tonight while hubby is off doing his thing (singing in Slavonic). It's so hard to just enjoy a book without wanting to pick it apart when so much of my time is spent picking apart prose for myself and others. I can't turn it off. >sigh<

Oh, the story? It's called Galaxy Blues. I'm sure you'll see it in print on its own eventually, if you don't get the magazine.

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