Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daytime TV

Having been knocked down by a second respiratory virus this year, I was forced to watch TV since my head's imminent implosion and the ice pick behind my eyeball made reading difficult.

When my husband's sick, he watches the History Channel and the Discovery channels. I watch the SF Channel and movies. I would have went out and bought the new SG1 movie if I wasn't so sick. And Hubby got the bug first and had to go back to work, which was all the activity he was up to for the day. Instead, I watched Alien on Tuesday and Aliens on Wednesday. Nice, comforting fare.

On Monday, I was tasked with writing a first person article for my home-town paper. I managed to get that done while I was still fully functional. On Wednesday, my first box of Awesome Lavratt books arrived. :) My husband took the cheesy "here I am with my book" photo that the editor requested tonight. I just hope it's not obvious how sick I felt. The puffiness, at least was down, and my nose not as red.

For any Stargate SG1 fans, I think I found another OOPS. You know it's harder and harder for these things to be missed when we can rewind, record and watch these episodes to death. I watched the episode where they found out that the Russians had their own gate. When the entity goes back through the gate, via Teal'C, he dials the gate. WHY? They were all there because it was stuck dialed to the place he already wanted to go. When did it get shut down? They hadn't fixed it yet, right?

I'm going to crawl back to bed now...

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