Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Slay the Writer While Saving the Planet!

I just heard a "green tip" on the radio advising people to use the library, buy books used and donate them or give them to friends. Well, that's fine unless you're the writer counting on those sales! Of course, I use the library and bought two books used today. But I also buy new ones. I'm all for saving the planet, but don't forget the starving artists.

In fact, for Christmas I love to find handmade items from local artists. It saves the planet because 1) no one trucked it in. 2) no third world country's work force was exploited and 3) the money stays in the local economy. And they're wonderful gifts that they can't find at their local store.

I spent yesterday trying to confuse myself. I worked on a novel AND a short story covering the same events in the same world with the same people. I must be crazy. But I couldn't wait for the short story to get critiqued before I started on the novel. People live in a habitat on the back of a sentient, telepathic, giant whale-like creature. What's not to love?

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