Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Goosebump Time!

The first email back from a friend saying she just bought my book gave me goosebumps! It's a wild ride! I'm keeping my nose to the ground for any possible publicity opportunities. And playing around with my third novel while procrastinating on the rewrites on the second. I'm writing short stories in the universe of my third novel to get some ideas of where I want to take it. It has oodles of possibilities. And a universe that can be recycled again and again. :)

What a treat the episode before last of the Sarah Connor Chronicles was. I just watched it, having been out of town for a week and playing catch up since. She's quite a dancer. She trained as a ballerina before she started acting.

I'm really enjoying her character. Completely emotionless, yet able to dance in such a way as to bring out emotion, even in her dissenters. It's always interesting when we have an AI next to humans to show us how fickle we are. :)

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