Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two days to Radcon!

In just two days I'll be heading to Portland where I'll have the opportunity to visit family I seldom see. Then I'll be having a cuppa with my writer friend, and fellow Broad Universe member, Mary, aka M.K. Hobson. I'll also be interviewing her.

I enjoy the ease of doing email interviews and most writers prefer them. However, there is so much more to be gained from a face to face, back and forth interview. I'm testing out my cell phone's voice recorder for sound clarity this evening. If it doesn't prove adequate, I'll borrow or buy a digital recorder. I'm not moving to podcasts just yet, so it just has to be good enough for me to transcribe from.

From Portland, I'm hopping a train to Pasco, WA for Radcon, where I'll be doing tons of interviews for the blog.

Radcon! I can't wait! I have a super sweet schedule. Want to see?

Friday, 8AM-9AM Tour of Hanford human tissue repository (Eeww gross to anyone but a sf or science geek. Excellent field research for one of my works in progress.)
Friday, 2-3PM Panel: Writing Non-human protagonists (with Larry Niven!)
Friday, 5-6PM Panel: Short Story Markets
Friday, 7PM Opening Ceremonies
Friday, 9-10PM Writers vs. Artists Pictionary
Oh boy! Guess I better get my skates on Saturday morning!

Saturday, 11AM-1PM Signing copies of Awesome Lavratt at the Author Signing Lunch
Saturday, 1-2PM Panel: Characters
Saturday, 2-3PM Broad Universe Rapidfire Reading
Saturday, 3-4PM Panel: Compartmentalized Characters
Saturday, 9-11PM John Pitts' Birthday Party
Saturday, 11PM-12AM Tending bar at the Radcon to Reno room party (Renovations 2011)

Sunday, 1PM Panel: Is it SF, Fantasy or Horror?

Sunday, 2PM Late lunch with my pals and fly back to my Valentine.

Here's something for the astronomy geeks out there - an image of two galaxies colliding to form a binary quasar complete with story over on Universe Today.

I just added procrastinatable to the Urban Dictionary. One of these days, when I have more time I'll have to go play for a while there.

I finished Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals. He's still got it! Review to follow soon at Mostly Fiction.

Next up for an interview is Deborah J. Ross. Look for that on Friday.

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