Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day and military sci-fi written by women

Happy Groundhog Day!

It's also a Christian Feast Day: The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple.
And lesser well known is my son, Daniel's Birthday.

Yesterday, I sold "Immunity Project" to Dark Quest Books' Defending the Future IV: No Man's Land. This volume answers the question, "Can women write good military sci-fi?" with a big 10-4! And I share this table of contents with some good friends in the genre, including Jennifer Brozek, Sue Bolich and Brenda Cooper. Also, fellow Broad Universe members Nancy Jane Moore and Phoebe Wray.

Got some examples of good military science fiction written by women? My friend, Patricia MacEwan likes Elizabeth Moon. Whose military sci-fi do you like? As it happens, I'm reading one now, though it's not by a woman. It's been slow going only because it's in the middle of a very large series. Too many characters to meet at once.

That's my second story sale to a Dark Quest Books anthology. "Trapped Star" is available now in Beauty Has Her Way. Dark Quest Books rock!

Happy hump day everyone. And to my Orthodox friends - Spraznicum!


Ed said...

What are you reading now?
I always enjoyed Moons' work. I also enjoyed the Tanya Huff military novels. Althought not written by women, the Starfist series is very good, and written by the real deal.

Ann Wilkes said...

I'm reading Rising Tides, the latest Destroyermen book by Taylor Anderson.

Ed said...

I really like that series and did not know the latest was out. But, since it has been awhile and my brain only holds 2 weeks worth of knowledge, I might have already read it. :)

Ann Wilkes said...

Mine is an advance review copy. :) It just came out yesterday.