Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The history of Science Fiction

While I'm busy slaving away at non-fiction, you can be entertained and stimulated by the history of science fiction. After watching this first clip about the British Museum exhibit, I waded back through my emails and requested a review copy of Science Fiction Writers, a CD containing radio interviews with sci-fi authors from the 70s-90s that was just released by the British Library's audio archives. It's being distributed by the University of Chicago Press.

Now let's get specific, beginning with Jules Verne.

And here's a British doco on H.G. Wells.


jsny said...

Those are three videos I've never seen before. Sci-fi really gets me going; I love it!!! I do a webseries with some friends.

Check it out

Maurice Mitchell said...

Jules Verne was such a visionary. Things we take for granted today like submarines were considered impossible when he wrote about them. Very underappreciated today.

Ann Wilkes said...

You've got that right, Maurice. I'm glad to give him props when I can.