Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lazy Linkage - or leanin' on my friends

Where did the week go? Whilst I prepare my own tribute to Ray Bradbury for his birthday, I leave you with some great blog entries written by my friends. Enjoy!

According to Geekscape, George Lucas announced that Star Wars is coming out on Blu Ray. This is their response. "Top Ten Things I Want on the Upcoming Star Wars Blu Ray Set"

Is their list complete? Is it too complete? What would you add?

You might also be interested in their "The Top Ten Strangest Film and TV Adaptations to Ever Happen".

Speaking of strange, Jason Sanford has something to say about SF getting stranger than ever. He's even dubbed this new trend: SF Strange. And he's helped it along with his "The Ships Like Clouds, Risen By Their Rain". You can read the PDF and see for yourself. Other contributors include authors Nnedi Okorafor, Eugie Foster, Gareth Powell and Paolo Bacigalupi. Read "The online SciFi Strange anthology" now.

And speaking of trends. E-books are ubiquitous. Will we lose our precious hardbacks and dog-eared paperbacks to e-readers? Will Fahrenheit 451 just take a different avenue? Here's Tor's answer to the future of books from a science fiction perspective: "A Fondness for Antiques: The Future of Books According to Science Fiction".

And what of science fiction? I see this question bandied about on a regular basis. If we're still posing the question, I guess the genre is still alive. ;) See what Paul Goat Allen has to say in "Seasons of Wither: Is Science Fiction Dead"?

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