Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So Much Science Fiction and Fantasy to See and Hear!

The fourth episode of The Minister of Chance has been released! See the trailer now!

As soon as you hear ep 4, you'll want more. Here's how to make it happen sooner.

Mike Resnick is the editor of a new, free online SF/F magazine for Phoenix Pick's. The bimonthly magazine, Galaxy's Edge, launched on March 1. The inaugural issue includes  stories, columns, SF book reviews and more. Epub, Mobi and PDF versions will be available for download at a nominal fee and a print edition is available from many online stores, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Phoenix Pick’s free ebook for March is Grandmaster Robert Silverberg’s Starborne. The coupon code (good through March 31) is 9991828 and the link can be found in the online catalogue page at PPickings.com.

Here's some new trailers. This first one looks like modern-day Godzilla.

Not much to see on this one, but I guess it's another first contact flick.

These folks are looking for Zero G Coupling Experts?  I'm not going to touch that one. I guess I already did, huh?

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