Friday, April 24, 2009

Glorious rejection and other literary triumphs

Today I received a rejection from Sheila Williams, the editor at Asimov's. It was glorious! Why? Because she said, and I quote, "This story is powerful and well done..." Of course, she went on to say how it didn't work for her, but getting a personal note from the editor at Asimov, rather than the usual form post card was a victory. I'm sending it to another pro market tomorrow. :) I think it was just a bit too fantasy versus science fiction.

And I'm going to drag my half finished novella out, finish it and send it to her ASAP.

Meantime, I trolled the internet to see if any more Awesome Lavratt reviews would pop up and found the following:

A local independent paper, The Bohemian reviewed it. The reviewer, unfortunately doesn't "get" sci-fi, but she was sure those who do would enjoy it. ;)

And thanks to participating in a discussion over on LinkedIn, I was quoted for an article at WOW (Women on Writing). The Fatal 5 Finance Mistakes Writers Make by Allena Tapia.

I received another email, also today, from Megan at Oxford University Press, who thought my readers might enjoy this article by Michael Quinion, author of Gallimaufry: A Hodgepodge of our vanishing vocabulary, in which he discusses the difficulty of writing first contact stories. How do you talk to an alien?

I'm definitely going to browse around on his site, World Wide Words. If your fascinated by language as it relates to science fiction, let me once again plug Juliette Wade's blog, TalkToYoUniverse.

All in all, a very good day, literarily speaking. I think I'm going to have to officially coin that word. You with me?


Juliette Wade said...

How nice! I always appreciate a thoughtful rejection. And thanks for the mention - I think I'll go and check out the site.

Juliette Wade said...
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L.C.McCabe said...

Oooooh, I think that's a good term.

"Literarily speaking."

Congrats on everything else as well.