Saturday, April 11, 2009


I received payment today for my first paid non-fiction piece (not counting the salary from the day job, which is all non-fiction). I think I shall photocopy it before I cash it and file it away with my first check for a short story sale.

I'm looking forward to meeting Robert J. Sawyer in person on Monday at his Wake signing at Borderlands books in San Francisco. If you're local, don't miss it. If you're not, you can at least read my interview with him on Friday.

I'm also very excited about a talk I'm giving at a library in San Ramon. I think it will have to make the rounds. :) "Exploring 'what ifs' to unleash riveting stories"

Here's another first: I saw a great book in the SFBC (Science Fiction Book Club) catalog and asked my editor at Mostly Fiction if she could get it for me. And she did! :) That's my kind of shopping. Oh, did you want to know what the book was? The Temporal Void, by Peter F. Hamilton.

Went clothes shopping today. I'm a disgrace to my gender, I guess. I hate shopping. Any kind. The point was to take my daughter shopping for clothes for her birthday. I ended up with more clothes than she did. Why? Because I knew I wasn't likely to shop for clothes again for another year.

I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Easter and all my fellow Orthodox Christians a wonderful Palm Sunday tomorrow.

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