Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sci-fi goodies galore!

I attended Robert J. Sawyer's book signing in SF last night at Borderlands books. It was great! I'm really glad I went and had the opportunity to meet him in person. Stay tuned. I've interviewed him and will be posting said interview on Friday with a review of www:Wake to follow.

Here's Rob being expansive.

And here's Rob being precise.

Speaking of interviews, Kim Richards interviewed me over on Beyond the Words and reviewed Awesome Lavratt.

I didn't go to Norwescon, but here is a report from my writer friend, Alma Alexander.

My review of Diamond of Darkhold, which is close to the last Fantasy review you're likely to see from me for a while is up at Mostly Fiction.

From now on, I'm a mostly SF girl. Have lots more reviews coming. Anathem by Neal Stephenson, Wake by Robert Sawyer, The Temporal Void by Peter Hamilton and more. I'm making an exception for my buddy Mark Ferrari, however. His The Book of Joby is sitting on my TBR shelf.

Finally, here's something just because I love robots. (and she nods to Cat Rambo) It's a robot experiment that is truly inspiring.

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