Tuesday, July 7, 2009

blogging, feeding and digging

I finally figured out how to be an author on Goodreads. Better still I have this blog feeding there. I love reciprocation! I also figured out how to feed automatically to Facebook from Networked Blogs. Outstanding!

I'm posting a blog entry at Redwood Writers in a couple of days in which I'm revealing all of the 50 or so author social networking sites I'm on.

Meanwhile, hubby is now a Facebook fiend just two weeks after joining and now he has a blog as well. His blog is End 21st Century Slavery. My husband, the activist. :)He says he's going to blog every day. Now I have to help him to feed and digg it.

I got another story rejected on Sunday. This was a reprint that was accepted to the first place I sent it. Just goes to show, that the selection process is subjective and the piece has to fit the venue.

I recorded Warehouse 13. I'm off to watch. Of course, I'm getting a little annoyed at the fact that I find shows I like and then they disappear for months on end, sometimes never to return. Some of that was due to the writers strike, so maybe it will happen less now.

If you're local there's a multi-author book celebration for this month's meeting of Redwood Writers. More info at the blog or on their website.

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