Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conning, writing and reading

I got my proposed schedule for SpoCon over the weekend. It's as though they wrote the whole convention schedule around my preferences. It's perfect. Check it out:

Beginning with the opening ceremonies on Friday night. Last year we had a bat in the belfry - well, it wasn't a belfry, but it really was a bat. And lots of entertaining antics.

9 AM Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading.
12:45 Autograph session with Dr. James Glass, Patricia Briggs, Lyn Hardy and Kathy Mar
4:30 PM "My-Twit-Book, Sci-fi and you" (Talk about custom made! Social media and SF authors.)
5:45 PM "Grammar: When to Break the Rulez"

9 AM "Worldbuilding 201: Social Systems"

Can't wait! And I get to pal around with my buddy from Other Worlds Writing Workshop, Sue Bolich.

Check back on Friday for an interview with Gregory Frost of Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet fame.

I have several entries for the Attack of the REAL Blob flash fiction contest. Don't let the fact that they've identified the blob forestall your imaginative genius. Remember, this is science fiction I'm asking for. Deadline is August 1. Winners get published herein and a signed copy of Awesome Lavratt, my tongue-in-cheek SF novel.

Not much new with my writing. No time. I'm hoping to get a rewrite of one story done and a rough of another on Saturday.

And for my fellow list lovers: I just got this one from Minnette's Worlds. It's a list of writer resources links.

I've started The Unincorporated Man by Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin. I met them both at BayCon in San Jose. It had me hooked on page one and hasn't let up. Review and interview to follow.

Now I must get back to Torchwood: Children of Earth. :)

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