Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm in the library!

I used to take the kids to the library about once a week to load up with books. While we were there I would occasionally look at the shelves, hoping that one day my name would be on one of those book spines. That day has arrived. I'm not sure how, though I suspect it has to do with my guardian angel editor and my writing club. You see, my book isn't yet available through the usual channels the libraries use to order books.

I've been working on my website. Discovered that though Dreamweaver says it uploaded my page successfully, it's not there. Hmmmm. So, it has once again become a two-step process until I can figure out the problem. Thank goodness for Mozilla's FireFTP add-on. I've been compiling a list to ALL the reviews for Awesome Lavratt, which, of course, I should have done long ago. That will be added probably tomorrow.

I rewrote a story on Monday and solved a problem with the new one yesterday. I still have to write that one and polish the other. So many words, so little time...

The Redwood Writer author event at Copperfields on Sunday was great. The book story thought so, too. They sold 100 books by our club's authors.

I'll be presenting a mini workshop on social networking in Petaluma, CA on August 4th. More details later. I'm looking forward to SpoCon at the end of the month in Spokane, WA. I haven't received my schedule yet, but the panels have been posted on their website. They look like a lot of fun.

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Cassandra Jade said...

Congratulations on the achievment and hopefully you will see your book in more libraries in the future. It really is every writer's dream to be browsing a bookshelf and find their name.