Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Convention and SF News

I'm getting ready for SiliCon this weekend and World Fantasy Convention next month. They're both in San Jose, CA. Great for me. No airfare and I can stay with my daughter in the East Bay and commute in.

The theme for SiliCon is Heroes and Villains. I'll be paneling on Saturday, only. I have a wedding on Sunday and work on Friday. If you're local, consider going. Here's the guest list:

Media Guest: Ken Lally, from TV's Heroes
Writer Guest: Christy Marx
Artist Guest: Sarah Clemens
Costuming Guest: Shawna Trpcic
Science Guest: Patricia McEwen
Fan Guest: Hilary Ayer
Toastmaster: Kevin Roche

WFC is still working on their programming schedule, but a skeleton outline is available now on their website. Their list of guests includes Garth Nix, Jeff and Ann Vandermeer, Michael Swanwick, Lisa Snelling, California-based Richard Lupoff, and Zoran Živković.

One of my new Facebook writing buddies has a fun website you might enjoy. You know those "this day in history" things? Well, his is Today in Alternate History.

Speaking of Facebook friends, I'm starting to hit critical mass. I only need 2 dozen more to hit 600. will get you there. ;)

Heinlein awards went to Joe Haldeman and John Varley. Congrats!

My story, "Grey Drive" is still available over at Every Day Fiction. You can read it on a ten minute break with time to spare. Please do, and rate it. :)

So does everyone know about 42Blips? It's like technorati especially for SF fans.

OK, Heroes fans. What's Slow Burn???

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