Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Grey Drive" live, Darth Vader bummed and a geek going Greek

Have you ever wondered what will happen when our portable media storage gets so small that we lose it? Read my story, "Grey Drive" for one possibility. It's a flash fiction (1K words) over at Every Day Fiction.

Here an amusing look at Darth Vader in love at Fusion Filter.

Glendi was lots of fun last weekend. The foot and the back held up well enough. Teaching dance at midday in 97 degrees is really no on. Really. Must schedule them for later in the day next year. Good thing I'm the one that schedules the entertainment. The last class on Sunday I had about 45-50 people. It was great!

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planet harris said...

Love those Vader sketches from the Serafinowitz show. 'I am such an idiot!'

K Stoddard Hayes said...

Re: Flashforward is not SF. Yeah. They have to say that because they figure "mainstream" viewers won't watch an SF show (which they wont; remember that "mainstream" viewers all think SF = Star Trek)
ABC said the same thing about LOST for the first few seasons. Indeed, JJ Abrams' strategy in plotting the show was to hold back the SF elements until his audience was so hooked, it didn't care about genre labels.

K Stoddard Hayes said...

That is a LOT of story in just 1000 words. I'm impressed. And I enjoyed it, too.