Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad news / good news

Lovely vacation to San Diego canceled. :(
Lovely wish come true: A whole week to work on MY FICTION! :)

And no, I didn't sacrifice the former just to have the latter. I'm making lemonade.

My review of The Triumph of Deborah is live on Mostly Fiction. It's not SF, but I'm throwing it out there anyway.

This labor day weekend I carried out no labor. I did however make more work for my family. I put my back out on Saturday morning. I'm still walking around like Frankenstein's monster, but at least I can now dress myself except for the shoes.

Note to self: If it can in any way be avoided do not, I repeat, do not schedule appointments for the Tuesday after a Monday holiday. You KNOW you will forget about it thinking that it's Monday on Tuesday. Ugh! Spaced a radio interview, no less. Of course, the aforementioned back thing might have been distracting as well.

I found lots of goodies, or rather my unwittingly obliging Facebook friends have. Yeah team!

Here's a flash fiction contest for those like me who like tight prose:
Eric Beetner and JB Kohl are hosting this contest to kick off the release of their new book, One Too Many Blows to the Head.

Here's a listing of foreign markets for your spec-fic reprints that are languishing courtesy Douglas Smith.

Seems that we may have proof positive of the legendary Chubacabra. Watch the CNN video.

Lastly, Japan's soon-to-be first lady is an abductee!

This coming Friday, I'll be posting an interview with Jasper Fforde.

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