Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reading, writing, viewing and reviewing SF

This week has been a *;*&@! On the plus side, I didn't forget my radio interview this time. I was interviewed by KRCB (Rohnert Park 91.1) for the upcoming Redwood Writers 2009 Conference. I think it went pretty well. Of course, I was just warmin' up. It was only a 5 min. spot. Last time, when it was just on me, I had a whole hour. It will air Oct. 13, 9AM. The conference is the 24th of October in Santa Rosa, CA.

I just finished Immortality Factor by Ben Bova yesterday. This is a re-release. His first version published in the 90s had to have parts removed. Bova says it's not SF. It's a contemporary novel. All the science has roots in today's scientific developments.

It starts off a bit slow, but as you get to know the characters, it gets more immediate and engrossing. Full review to follow at Mostly Fiction.

Speaking of not SF, in an interview on i09, star Sonya Walger says FlashForward isn't SF. Hmmmm. Could have fooled me. Anyway, it premieres tomorrow night and I plan to watch. I even got to plug it in that 5 min. interview.

The 2009 British Fantasy Awards were announced over at Locus.

I'm currently reading the post-apocalyptic anthology, Grants Pass. I plan to interview, editor and writer Jennifer Brozek to do the usual review/interview thing. This interview will live in a SF mag, however. Details to follow. So far I'm lovin' it. But it's kind of a downer. This the tandem reading. I'm also reading Jasper Fforde's First Among Sequels, the only one of the Thursday Next novels I haven't read yet. If you missed my interview with Jasper Fforde earlier this week, make sure to give it a read.

Writing? Must do more!

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JD said...

Interesting that Ben Bova also wrote a non-fiction book in 90's called Immortality as well... I guess he is interested in the subject!

Interesting about Flashforward (been talking about that on my blog too) I think that actor's comments are unfortunately part of a trend of mainstream entertainment trying to distance itself from the sci-fi label.

windward said...

Well I watched the first episode of Flash forward and it is science fiction.

Yes, it is set in today, but its entire premise falls within the Sci fi genre.

Insofar as it involves, science beyond todays level, non human agencies, ,,,

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