Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comic-Con sneak previews

I received an offer today to try out an iPad app. Too bad it wasn't sci-fi related and they didn't offer me an iPad, too. Now that would have gotten my attention.

Have you heard of motion comics? As comic book fans are packing their bags for Comic-Con in San Diego, M2 is set to launch DeadTown, its 3D motion comic to showcase this new medium. DeadTown combines the Sam Spade detective stories of the 40s with Dawn of the Dead. They have that black and white film noir feel with the red/blue 3D colors added.

“Motion Comics are a new, legitimate storytelling medium that has yet to be realized as it’s own entertainment form,” said M2 Partner, Eben Matthews. “The sweet spot of the medium is still being defined and, with DeadTown, we believe we define it.”

Learn more about M2 and their other projects at If you're so inclined, they're still looking for investors through Kickstarter.

Now grab your 3D glasses. I know you have them. Look in the Shrek 3D DVD case. I won't tell. Here's the DeadTown teaser.

DeadTown Motion Comic Teaser in 3D! from M2 on Vimeo.

And the Browncoats are coming! Check out this first full trailer for Browncoats: Redemption, a fan-made feature film that takes up where Serenity left off. Later this week, I'll be interviewing its star, Heather Fagan and Writer/Director/Producer Michael Dougherty. They'll be chatting with me from Comic-Con. I'll also post more trailers. The direct-to-DVD movie releases Friday, Sept. 3, 2010. Proceeds go to charities selected or created by the cast and crew of Firefly and Serenity. If you're not a Browncoat yet, you just haven't seen Firefly (TV series) or Serenity yet. They're both produced by Joss Wheaton and they're awesome! Best darn sf in the 'verse!

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