Friday, October 29, 2010

TRON Legacy - First Glimpse

I drove down to San Francisco last night for a screening (23+ minutes of scenes from the first half) of TRON Legacy in 3D IMAX. Before the lights went out and the glasses went on, director Joseph Kosinski took questions from the audience -- most of which he didn't answer except to say we'd have to wait till the movie came out. A few people managed to ask questions he would answer.

From the first story session with Kosinski in September 2007, the movie was intended for 3D rather than adapted as such after the fact. It's more expensive to produce, but it presents this classic to its full potential. "The first TRON set the bar very high," Kosinski said. "It is more time and effort, but we think it will pay off in the end."

He also pointed out that you don't have to have seen TRON to follow the movie. TRON Legacy "is a stand-alone sequel." The musical score was composed by Daft Punk and recording was completed, with a full orchestra, in London a couple of weeks ago.

In TRON Legacy, Jeff Bridges reprises his role as Kevin Flynn -- and also plays his own nemesis, Clu 2.0. In the first scene of the preview, Sam's apartment, we find Flynn's son Sam driving his motor bike (that probably costs more than our two cars combined) into a cargo container makeshift abode. Sam, played by Garrett Hedlund, closes the garage door behind him and reaches for a cold one from the retro fridge and tosses his pug the rest of his fries. The place looked like something the Forgotten Man would come up with. It's only redeeming feature is the waterfront view.

He's visited by a friend of his Dad, Alan Brady, who claims to have received a page - yes page - from Sam's Dad originating from his office at the arcade that had been disconnected 20 years before. Sam doesn't need to live in his hovel. Apparently, he owns a Fortune 500 company he has no interest in running. Sam's character is a spoiled twenty-something dripping with teenage angst and abandonment issues. It was a little over the top. Alan tosses Sam the keys to his Dad's arcade and so the adventure -- and the eye candy -- begins.

Of course, in the program, it's still the future imagined (by a man) in the 80s complete with female "programs" in platform heels assigned to disrobing Sam and outfitting him for play in the game. 80s icons are interspersed here and there. In the game, death is spelled D E R E S. Players lose resolution. The CGI does not disappoint and the 3D effects during the game scenes really pop.

Sam is inserted as a player in the game and manages to survive long enough for his father's friend? assistant? Quorra to find him and bring him back for the big reunion with Dad. Sam's in the passenger seat of this high tech vehicle not knowing who is behind the helmet driving the car with precision and ease. Quorra evades their pursuers and takes the car "off the grid" where they can't follow.

When asked if there would be a sequel to TRON Legacy, Kosinski said, "That's not up to me to decide. That's up to you guys." Of course, there isn't just a movie. TRON Evolution, the video game, releases on Dec. 7 and is available for pre-order now. All game-related assets from the movie will be handed over to the game folks.

TRON Legacy premieres on Dec. 17. Watch trailers, enter sweepstakes, play the video game, etc. at I'm a fan of TRON and after just 23 minutes, I'm a TRON Legacy fan as well.

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Budd said...

we borrowed the original Tron from the library this week. It will be my first viewing in many, many years and the first time my girls have seen it ever.