Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump day haps and Radcon

Here's SF news for this last hump day of January.

My friend, Kim Richards of Damnation books reports:

Damnation Books, LLC acquires Eternal Press

Santa Rosa, Calif., Jan. 21, 2010 -- On January 1st, 2010 Damnation Books, LLC took the reins of Eternal Press, moving the previously Canadian based publisher to the United States. Both companies specialize in ebooks and also paperback editions of their fiction. Read press release.

This isn't science fiction, but it used to be. It's that computer that you've seen on your favortie SF shows. It's real. But it has a much-maligned name. There is all kinds of snarking going on on in cyberspace over the iPad. But first watch the video. Here's a Washington Post article focusing on the name. It's snarky, too.

iPulpFiction has a short story by Ben Bova. Read "Bloodless Victory" on March 1st at Bova, one of my favorite SF authors, is a championship fencer. In "Bloodless Victory," he explores the "what if" of dueling as the method of legal justice.

I got my itinerary for Radcon. I'm so jazzed. Check it out:
Writing non-human protagonists (and Larry Niven is also on this one!)
Short story markets
Writers vs. artists Pictionary
Compartmentalized characters
Trek memories
John Pitts birthday party
Bartending for Renovations 2011 party
Is it sci-fi, fantasy or horror?
Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Book signing

Super panels and most excellent people to share them with!

I'm also going on a tour of Hanford Nuclear Facility. It will be a great field trip for one of my novels. Radcon rocks!

Look for my interview with author Gail Carriger here on Friday, to coincide with my review of Soulless on Mostly Fiction.

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