Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Motivational surroundings and miscellany

I had a productive weekend. I finished two story rewrites, a book review (Soulless) and brainstormed with my buddy Aidan and my hubby on my new Awesome Lavratt story. I also sent out interview questions for Soulless author, Gail Carriger. I probably could have phrased that better. Gail isn't soulless.

This Friday I'm posting an interview with Abyss & Apex editor, Wendy Delmater. The following Friday is my interview with Gail to be posted in tandem with the Soulless book review at Mostly Fiction. Stay tuned.

I moved my dry erase calendar downstairs to my writing computer area and populated it with my interview schedule, conventions, story subs, etc. I don't really spend time in our home office any more. Not to write, anyway. I do that in my zero grav chair with my laptop. At the writing convention in October, Steve Hockensmith had some excellent ideas regarding keeping your writing space motivational. I'm going to go to Office Depot (aka my toy store) and get a white board to plot out my stories, track my progress on novels, post questions that need answering about characters or the tech or worldbuilding etc. and a cork board to display my acceptance letters, copies of my first checks for stories and my reviews and first royalty check for Awesome Lavratt.

Enough about me. Need a SF news fix? There's a rumor that Joss Whedon may be giving FX a whirl with a new show. Read the story at hitfix. Keep your fingers crossed Browncoats!

Oooh! And Gail won an award for Soulless!

I just discovered that Kage Baker is in the hospital following surgery for a cancerous brain tumor. Here is an open letter from her caregiver who asks for emails of support and prayers for Kage.

And for my writing readers, you might find this post by Marie Brennan helpful when writing the domesticated woman character. Home is where the hero isn’t

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