Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Minister of Chance and much more

Have I mentioned how much I love The Minister of Chance ... less than ten times? ;)

And you can help bring episode 3 closer by buying some cool MOC stuff on eBay.

And here's the April free Phoenix e-book:

Mike Renick's Adventures: The Chronicles of Lucifer Jones, Volume I.

The coupon code is 9991422 and will be good from April 2 to April 30.

About the Book:

Mike Resnick's accomplishments (to date) include 64 novels, 21
collections, 40 anthologies, two screenplays and approximately 250 short
stories, resulting in a couple of shelves of major awards (including five
Hugos from 35 nominations and awards from various countries including
Spain, France, Croatia and Japan).

Of all the characters that Mike has created, Lucifer Jones remains his
favorite. We are proud to republish this hilarious series of adventures
starring a most unique character.

Adventures is the first volume of the Chronicles.

Being a Stirring Chronicle of Intrigue, Romance, Danger, Hairbreadth
Escapes, and Thrilling Triumphs over Fierce Beasts and Fiercer Men in the
Mysterious and Exotic Dark Continent, as Recounted by the Daring,
Resourceful, Handsome, and Modest Christian Gentleman Who Experienced

Also of note, Mike will be one of my three judges for a sci-fi short story contest I'll be launching soon for Redwood Writers Club. Look for more information soon. The other judges are Madeleine Robins and Juliette Wade.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

Looks like a sweet movie alright. I say mention it ten more times.
- Maurice Mitchell
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